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Does it feel like herding cats?

In most organisations, the responsibility for effective marketing and new business does not fall to one or two individuals. To be successful you need to draw on a diverse mix of skills such as content writing that resonates, understanding analytics to enable test & learn, getting bums on seats at events, and building new business relationships. It’s a team effort and can sometimes feel like herding cats!

Keeping the team clear on accountability, working to a defined process and up to date with new capabilities is essential. Without this, you will experience extended deadlines, limited activity, reduced ROI, and personal frustration.

Here are 5 of my top tips for improving the effectiveness of your team:

1. Identify the different elements of marketing and new business and who is responsible for what. You will find gaps in the plan that you may need to resource internally or externally.

2. Play to people's strengths. Find out what motivates them and potentially reallocate roles and responsibilities in line with their interests. Sounds obvious but from my experience not always considered.

3. Agree on a responsibility matrix (RASCI) for each of these elements so that individuals understand their responsibilities and the required level of knowledge that they need. Put in place any training required and encourage a strong sense of curiosity.

4. Agree on new ways of working within the team and how you will measure KPI’s.

5. Most importantly communicate the responsibilities and new ways of working to the business. This is so vital to the success of the team and the recognition of the value of new business and marketing deliver.

If you are “herding cats” and are concerned about the effectiveness of your new business and marketing, please get in touch for a chat.

This can form part of a framework we can develop, for your business, that will drive leads, build loyalty, and attract new talent.

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