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Don’t lose sight of your new business pipeline

As a CEO I’m sure you are continually asking yourself where is the next piece of work coming from and how are you going to attract new clients? But often the day-to-day pressure of delivering great work gets in the way.

If you’re holding back on launching a new business strategy don’t🚀

This is the time to fully invest in powering up your new business machine. There are customers out there, buying habits may have changed but with Zero market presence how are they going to find you?

Start with crystal clear thinking; who is your ideal client? How can you best add value for them?

With a tough market you will need to be more creative, relevant and consistent in your approach.

Adopt an agile approach, continually reviewing and refine your proposition, approach and tactics. Listen to the feedback you are getting and really use these insights to develop that robust new business pipeline!

New business is not the responsibility of one person it’s a team effort so get everyone involved and accountable.

A few things to think about:

😍 Build deeper, stronger relationships with Current & Lapsed Clients:

Love them, keep close to them and support them. Understand their objectives whether it be personal or business. Make them look great and shine.

Always ask clients for a referral this is a source that can just keep giving.

Continually extend your network within your client. Get under their skin, there will always be new opportunities in other departments & regions.

Try new things, use insights to develop new services or tools. You may be sitting on a gold mine.

💥Be Bold with New opportunities:

Do your homework to truly understand their pain points. Ask direct questions that demonstrate that you really understand their business.

Be prepared to go that extra mile to prove your value. Things may take longer but stick with it.

Don’t be lazy and rely on virtual meetings. Invite them into your offices and involve your best talent. People buy people.

Don’t hide your success under a bushel - Be BOLD and proud and talk about your talent, best work, awards and values.

🤗 Re-establish your Networking:

Always make time to speak with your network, you never know what the next conversation will unearth.

Add value to your network by offering them something say … speaker, judging, podcast.

When reconnecting always ask for something, whether it be time in the diary or a referral. People like to help.

We learnt from the pandemic that those agencies that proactively engage with new and current clients reap the benefits.

Start today and fuel up your new business engine. Stick with it and it will deliver new clients, new work and give you a better night’s sleep 😴

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to chat more about attracting new clients.

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