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Have you considered the importance of a LI strategy as part of your marketing and sales plan?

We all love and benefit from LI but do we consider the importance of having a LI strategy as part of our marketing and sales plan?

Engaging with LI is more than writing a blog and accepting connection requests it’s about knowing your audience. Making sure you are building relationships with your network by providing interesting, relevant, amusing and challenging content that is true to your values.

So, if you are developing a LI strategy these points might prove helpful:

1. Be clear about how you help clients and the type of people and organisation you want to appeal to. Make sure you develop all content with this in mind.

2. Reach is higher on personal profiles so engage your senior leadership team.

3. Update your profile to reflect your proposition, add and refresh featured content on your profile that would showcase your capabilities and knowledge.

4. Decide on your style. Are you going to be provocative, analytical creative or social?

5. Think about a content vehicle such as “Monday gratitude ritual” that allows you to post every week, share your culture and add value.

6. Mix it up with blogs/white papers on current topics but keep them to 500 words and a post-up to 200 words.

7. Comment, especially on posts made by the movers & shakers. Always respond to comments and connect with people who have engaged with your content.

8. Tag people in comments who will engage so you can extend your community. Better connections with 1st degree will be rewarded to the top of their feed.

9. Reshare interesting content to help inform your community.

10. When connecting or accepting a connection remember its quality over quantity.

I’d love to hear what you would add.

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