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Have you ghosted a prospect?

Even if you’re not on the dating scene I’m sure you will be familiar with the dubious practice of ghosting. Sadly, it’s happened to me, where I built rapport, exchange contact details, and then never heard from them again! I’m sure I’m not the only one?

I would 100% agree that it is an extreme use of the term “Ghosting” in the context of initiating a business relationship. However, I’ve spoken to many people, who admit having exchanged contact details at an event, or a pitch, with a person who has shown an interest in their business. They have then failed to continue the conversation.

This can be down to laziness but generally, it’s because they don’t have a data strategy in place to make sure warm leads are not lost in the ether and that the appropriate follow up is completed. This is a missed opportunity and can reflect badly on your business.

So, consider these few points:

1. How do you capture your data and what is your process for uploading data?

2. What is your policy for list management and tagging so you can communicate the right message to the right person?

3. How do you flag leads, agree on actions, and allocate responsibility?

4. Do you have the resource in place to continually cleanse your data

5. Mitigate your risks by checking you have a legitimate interest to process someone’s data and that you are adhering to the latest GDPR requirements

6. Data is everyone’s responsibility. Do you have ongoing training for your team?

7. Do you have a data & tech road map in place?

So if you're letting warm leads go cold and feel you are not maximizing your data effectively, please get in touch.

We will review your data as part of a new business and marketing audit and help put in place a framework that will “Join up the Dots” between marketing and new business to deliver new leads, loyal clients, and new talent.

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