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Launching Join up The Dots

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

So here I go, launching my consultancy Join Up the Dots. My mission is to help join up your marketing & new business efforts to maximise growth and identify efficiencies.

I’m passionate about what can be achieved when internal business capabilities, modern marketing and new business align, to develop a successful go to market framework to generate leads, close sales and achieve growth. That’s what I do.

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs of agencies and consultancies for many years and what has become obvious is that most only successfully focus on a few elements of the marketing & new business mix. Even then it is a struggle to get these elements to sync.

Some of the reasons for this are; lack of focus and accountability, ways of working, technology, not fully understanding the customer journey or not having the right capabilities within the organisation.

With the world changing at such a pace, agency bosses are facing even more challenges. Dealing with reduced budgets, increased client expectations and a greater need to adapt to changing consumer habits. But now is not the time to lose focus. Now is the time to be investing in punching above your weight in new business and marketing comms and fighting harder for your share of the action.

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of your new business and marketing efforts to drive growth, retain clients and attract talent, then please get in touch. Through an internal audit and working with your team I can identify efficiencies and develop a workable framework for your business to make you match fit in just a few weeks.

Sending love and thanks to all my friends and colleagues who have supported me on the start of this journey.

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